Angles and Curves:

Depicting the nude in the 21st Century

Photography by
L. Egon Schiele

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Angles and curves:

Depicting the nude in the 21st Century

The nude is the longest enduring theme in the history of art. As such, a plethora of societal taboos and religious proscriptions have accompanied the creation and display of artistic works that embody nude renditions of the human body. Although, in the 21st Century, many previously invoked legal sanctions for depicting nudity may no longer be enforced, the taboos and proscriptions are still operative, especially in the US. In this context, a role of art and the artist is to call attention to the aesthetics and beauty of the human body and to the corresponding eroticism and sexuality, whose repression are extant, aggressively executed features of some Western societies. Thus, I use the inherently abstract medium of black-and-white photography to record and illustrate my vision of the modern human figure.

For this purpose, I present a variety of poses

  1. to represent either parodies or improvisations on art works of past masters,
  2. to present a geometrical interpretation of the human figure, which may be static or in motion, and
  3. to suggest commentary on social or political issues.

I never depict the human figure as an isolated and abstract part of the human body, e. g., a picture of a headless torso, which reduces the model from a person to an object or thing. Instead, I show the model as a complete person.

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Olympias and Odalisques

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Geometry - triangles and curves

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You may read the latest version of my manuscript; it is stored as a portable data file that has a size of approximately 7 megabytes:

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